Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bonnie & Dick's Family

Family dynamics are some of the best most fun part of our job as professional photographers. Bonnie and Dick’s family with their two grown children and their little ones was no exception…Although everyone was on time (a joyous thing) and dressed appropriately (double the joy!), the weather was not helping us. It was a temperate, bright sunny, high pressure kind of day without a cloud in the sky and we were on the beach. Lovely you say…I say, in the inimitable words of Calvin and Hobbs, “ARGH…We gotta wait.” The sun was so super bright that everyone including me was squinting unmercifully…so wait we did…

Fortunately the Butens are a delightful family and conversation was easy. But, we were trying to wait for that gorgeous golden soft sweet light that happens right at dusk…On a clear day, that light does not happen until the very short minutes before the sun and the water meet.

Important Note for Photographers: Get out your notebooks and write this down! Ready?

Whenever there are one, two, or more adorable and energetic little boys and a wee baby in the family portrait, minutes get a lot shorter than 60 seconds!
That’s a law of photography!

But, with the help of a fill flash and strategically placed people, we photographed the smaller family groups - earlier than I might have liked - but because we knew what to do, our results were beautiful images anyway. As the sunlight softened, we were able to photograph the whole family group. And finally, when the sun was just below the horizon, we finished with some pictorial fun family groups.

Thank you to you all…you were great!

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