Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giving Back

You know, we have all heard, that when times are tough, that’s when the tough get going. We also know that charity donations are significantly lower now than in the past. So we began questioning what could we do to help.

We decided that whenever possible, successful businesses need to give back to their clients and to their community…and that is exactly what we are planning to do.

We have teamed up with a very successful business in North Port called Kyle Kurtis Salon and Spa. We have already done work with them in the past, and know how good and how professional they really are.

Anyway, on Sunday, October 11th we are doing a FundRaiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We are calling this event: GET GLAMMED UP FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.

The idea is that you call Kyle Kurtis to schedule your appointment. You will receive a great professional hairstyle, then a make-up artist will work with you, and then, you will have a beautiful photograph created by Island Photographics. All this PLUS…our version of a “Swag Bag” with a lot more value than the $25 fundraising contribution.

We are excited and already, spaces are being booked quickly. We hope you got our Email…If not, let us know and we will “subscribe” you so you can know about all the cool things we are up to…!

REMEMBER – Sunday, October 11th
Call Kyle Kurtis for your appointment: 941-257-2122

The event will be held at Island Photographics but make your appointment with Kyle Kurtis.

We will be working all day, BUT appointments are limited!!! So call soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Fun!!!!!!!

In the proverbial ‘dog days of summer’…I think that’s sometime in August…at least that’s when we decided it was…We wanted to have some different kind of fun…

So we did FREE Pictures! It was GREAT!!! We did it on a Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM and The deal was: 1 outfit, 1 background, 1 fairly low-res upload to your favorite social networking site, and all this in only 10 mintues for one day only…Yep…that was it. Free 10 minute sessions.

We had a blast. People came in droves…wearing all kinds of stuff…our challenge was to create a background in 10 minutes to coordinate with what the people were wearing…

It was so much fun…We really did not intend to sell anything – we just wanted to have fun…and that we did. In fact, it was so much fun and we got such positive feedback from it that we just may do it again. We let everyone know with our newsletter so if you want information on all the things we’re doing, call Melisa. We will get you on our emailing list.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Flattering things….

You know, we seldom have a whole weekend free these days…and I guess that’s why we try to schedule most any appointments during the week days whenever we can…
But when a free weekend does occur and you do not have other plans, one of the most flattering things that can happen is to have other photographers want to hire you. We often give our time and teaching to others…after all, that’s how we learned oh those many years ago…It’s fun to be able to give back to those who are just getting started in this wonderful profession…

But, when seasoned photographers want to hire you to either assist them or to photograph work for them – well, that’s just very cool. That means that other well-known photographers know your work and trust you with their clients…And that’s just what has happened to us.

When time affords us the opportunity, we have been working for other photographers and just this past weekend, we had the privilege of photographing a terrific Lido beach wedding for another photographer friend…It was great!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Both personally and ‘business-ally’ June is shaping up to be a VERY busy time. For a Mother-in-Law which I am now (snicker! – I love it) the best things can happen! One of the very coolest things is when your daughter (in-law) calls and says she and a friend might be coming to FL and could…..well, you can’t know how fast the words, “YES YES YES!!”, came out of my mouth…We both giggled and we were instantly set for a great girlie long weekend…Jamie couldn’t come because of work, but Angelle and Rachel would be here on Thursday very very very late…it’s an 8ish hour drive from Augusta, GA and they weren’t leaving until after work. At last conversation Thursday night, they were exhausted, had decided to stop along the way, and would be in Friday late morning.

Well……..at 4AM, much to Calliope’s (Standard Poodle who owns me) and my amazement the door bell rang and who stood there but Angelle, Rachel and JAMIE too. What an fabulous surprise…We all had an phenomenally fun time…Had not shopped St. Armand’s for way too long a time so Melisa and I did our girlie thing with Angelle and Rachel, while James and Andy and cutie pie Nate (Melisa’s husband and son) played with cars or something.

So fun, so fun……..!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sandra Frost and Sammy Waldron Wedding

And talk about photographing families I’ve known forever, the Frosts and the Waldrons certainly qualify. Family portraits, senior pictures and so many other events…terrific…

And then the absolute joy of photographing Sandy and Sammmy’s wedding…What a very special wedding that was…two great people and two great families. Incredible emotions, beautiful people, great locations, a gorgeous day, amazing fun, and a real feeling of faith in the future for everyone.

Just doesn’t get better than this…for sure!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fistner DeFina Wedding

OMG photographing a wedding reception when the wedding has already happened in Italy…Now that’s a fun thing to do. And that’s just what happened for Jessica Fistner and Rocco DeFina and, of course, us! Jessica is the Banquet Manager at Mission Valley Country Club…so guess where the reception was! I’ve known the DeFina family just this side of forever I think, so it was a great privilege to be part of these wonderful combined families celebrations!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Better Place Dance and Fitness Studio

Unless you’ve photographed a flock of adorable two’s in tutus and teens bedecked in gorgeous costumes, and guys doing everything from the Lion King to Hip Hop, you do not know what you’ve missed. But, that’s exactly what we spent last Saturday doing! And all I can say is WOW. Sonia does a fabulous job and with all hersuper caring helpers, this Place is indeed a Better Place to Be!!!