Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Fun!!!!!!!

In the proverbial ‘dog days of summer’…I think that’s sometime in August…at least that’s when we decided it was…We wanted to have some different kind of fun…

So we did FREE Pictures! It was GREAT!!! We did it on a Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM and The deal was: 1 outfit, 1 background, 1 fairly low-res upload to your favorite social networking site, and all this in only 10 mintues for one day only…Yep…that was it. Free 10 minute sessions.

We had a blast. People came in droves…wearing all kinds of stuff…our challenge was to create a background in 10 minutes to coordinate with what the people were wearing…

It was so much fun…We really did not intend to sell anything – we just wanted to have fun…and that we did. In fact, it was so much fun and we got such positive feedback from it that we just may do it again. We let everyone know with our newsletter so if you want information on all the things we’re doing, call Melisa. We will get you on our emailing list.

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