Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning, Learning, Learning…that’s just what we do!!!

Yesterday was a very long but great day. Melisa and I left the studio at 3PM to attend an incredible seminar in Tampa. The event was presented by one of the very best nationally known photographers both in the field of wedding photography and family events. He is amazing! By midnight we were exhausted and dealing with exploding brains!

Nonetheless, we feel that continuing to update our skills and hear about new ideas is what keeps us on the top of our game and on the cutting edge of new trends as well as continuing great traditions. We have been in this business 20+ years and without this constant attention to education, I do not think we would be nearly as successful as you have helped make us.

We studied new equipment, new techniques, new products, and connected with lots of old and new friends. Come see us so we can play with some of our new ideas and try out some of our new ‘stuff’!

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