Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Nikki


You know, one of the most fun things that has happened to us in the last little while was working with our Senior Intern from Venice High School. Nikki Schmidt is adorable and sooooooo much fun. She taught us a lot while she was here…and she claims she learned a lot from us too. Here are some of the images we did for her.

Then, as the finality of her Internship approached, she sweetly asked us to come to school while she did her ‘dissertation’ on what it was like to work at Island Photographics and to be a professional photographer. According to Nikki, she found that working photographers really work a lot harder than she ever expected and do a lot more than she ever thought possible. She decided that there is a whole lot more to professional photography than just ‘pushing the camera button’! Also, she learned that you never ever want to annoy your photographer or your retoucher!!! (Of course we were not EVER angry with her…this was just a funny example of what can be done…!)

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