Sunday, June 28, 2009


Both personally and ‘business-ally’ June is shaping up to be a VERY busy time. For a Mother-in-Law which I am now (snicker! – I love it) the best things can happen! One of the very coolest things is when your daughter (in-law) calls and says she and a friend might be coming to FL and could…..well, you can’t know how fast the words, “YES YES YES!!”, came out of my mouth…We both giggled and we were instantly set for a great girlie long weekend…Jamie couldn’t come because of work, but Angelle and Rachel would be here on Thursday very very very late…it’s an 8ish hour drive from Augusta, GA and they weren’t leaving until after work. At last conversation Thursday night, they were exhausted, had decided to stop along the way, and would be in Friday late morning.

Well…… 4AM, much to Calliope’s (Standard Poodle who owns me) and my amazement the door bell rang and who stood there but Angelle, Rachel and JAMIE too. What an fabulous surprise…We all had an phenomenally fun time…Had not shopped St. Armand’s for way too long a time so Melisa and I did our girlie thing with Angelle and Rachel, while James and Andy and cutie pie Nate (Melisa’s husband and son) played with cars or something.

So fun, so fun……..!!!